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Learn Hockey

How to Gear Up Your Youth Hockey Player

Gearing up for the first Time? We've got some great playlists below for you to follow along with for how to fit gear, and come game day, how to put it on!

1.  Gearing Up Your Youth Hockey Player

2. For the entire How To Hockey Playlist:


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Director of Learn Hockey

Brian Meyer



Know a child that would like to learn hockey?

Our Learn Hockey program (also known as Termites or MiniMites) is free for boys and girls Pre-K to grade 3. Free equipment rental is included. Practices are on Saturdays. This level will play different games to get the children to move on the ice, starting to use edges, and working on different skating techniques all while having fun (and not realizing they’re working on skating skills). It is 50 minutes per week. The season starts in November and ends in March.

For further information, please feel free to contact the Learn Hockey Level Director!

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