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    Hastings Hockey Fights Cancer

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    Board of Directors Elections

    Monday, February 12

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    Hastings Hockey Apparel

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    January 1-14, 2024

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    Hastings Hockey Boosters

    Welcome to the Hastings Hockey Boosters (HHB) website. Also known as the Hastings Hockey Association, the HHB has been in existence since 1958. Over the years we have developed an organization that is well respected throughout the hockey community and has a proud tradition that continues today.

    Hastings Hockey Mission Statement: To provide an opportunity for young athletes to be challenged and to develop skills while instilling Hastings Hockey Core Values of Gratitude, Respect, Integrity, and Teamwork.

    The HHB is organized as a non-profit tax exempt corporation incorporated and operated under the laws of the State of Minnesota. The HHB cooperates with and abides by the rules of USA Hockey, Minnesota Hockey, and District 8.

    Mailing Address

    PO BOX 482
    HASTINGS, MN 55033