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2024 Board of Directors Elections Results

By T. Horton, 02/12/24, 10:45PM CST


Hastings Hockey Boosters membership sure did a great job in turning out to vote with a record 202 ballots cast!

Here are the results:

Positions with Only 1 Candidate:

Vice President:  Dave Fullerton
Treasurer:  Kari Erickson
Secretary:  Tony Horton
Commissioner of In-House Hockey:  Tim McNamara
Director of Peewees:  Brian Meyer
Director of Girls In-House:  Ryan Donnelly

Positions with Multiple Candidates:

Director of Hockey:
Sean McCabe:  136 votes
Jesse Viall:  63 votes

Director of Girls 10U:
Adam McNamara:  97 votes
Tony Ciro:  86 votes

Director of Squirts:
Adam Welch:  107 votes
Chris Raway:  84 votes

Positions with No Candidates (Write In:  Top Nominees):

Commissioner of Travel Hockey (1 year term):
Kent Winkelman:  23 votes
Ben Percy:  15 votes
Dustin Strong:  8 votes
Ben Tharp:  4 votes
Jamie Stevens:  4 votes

Director of Learn Hockey:
Eric Prettyman:  4 votes
Adam Elling:  3 votes
Kent Winkelman:  2 votes
Dustin Dukart:   2 votes
Mike Thomas:   2 votes
Ben Solberg:   2 votes
Dan Zgoda:   2 votes
Dan Gallahue:   2 votes

NOTE:  With positions with write in only votes, the position will be offered to the individual with the most write-in votes.  If that person declines the offer, the individual with the next most votes will be offered the position.  This will occur until the position is accepted.  If the position is not accepted by any of the write-in vote nominees the President will appoint an individual to fill the position with a majority vote approval of the HHB Board of Directors.

Thank you to everyone who turned out to vote.