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Click Here to Place Your Heggies Pizza Order

Orders are due by Nov 28

Wait, what? no Breakfast Pizzas this year?!

Yes it is true. Our person at Heggies informed us that they can't offer the breakfast pizza anymore as they were notified recently that a key ingredient they use has been discontinued indefinitely. She knows how disappointing this news will be!

That’s a bummer for the breakfast pizzas but that’s how it goes nowadays!

Jon Krauth

Revenue Director

Hastings Hockey Community,
The Hastings Hockey Association is excited to bring back the Heggies Pizza fundraiser! This fundraiser allows our association to keep the cost of hockey down, continue to provide free learn hockey, fund our dryland facility, and invest in our players with equipment and new uniforms this year!

Important Dates

  • Sales window: November 7-28, 2021
  • Order due date: November 28 at 10pm
  • Pick up dates: December 13 and 14 at 5:30-7pm (alphabetical by last name)

Ordering pizzas

  • Each skater is responsible for selling a minimum of 5 pizzas.
  • Money in your pocket! If a skater sells more than 5 pizzas, then they will receive $2 back per pizza over 5, but you need to sell at least 10 pizzas to qualify. For example, if a skater sells 15 pizzas, then they will receive $20 back!
  • To keep track of your pizza orders, use the attached “Order Form”
  • Once you are done selling, total all your individual sales from the “Order Form” onto the “Sell Sheet”.  Then you must go to the online order form to submit your order. There is no need to hand in a paper copy.
    • NOTES:
      • Order Deadline is Sunday, November 28th.
      • If you have multiple skaters, you can simply click on the blue “+ Add Player” button to insert your pizza order for that skater

In addition to receiving funds back in your pocket the top fundraisers in the association will receive a prize:

  • Most Pizzas Sold:  $200 Gift Card to Lettermen’s (Hastings Hockey Apparel and Equipment Vendor)
  • 2nd Most Pizzas Sold:  $100 Gift Card to Lettermen’s (Hastings Hockey Apparel and Equipment Vendor)
  • 3rd Most Pizzas Sold:  $50 Gift Card to Lettermen’s (Hastings Hockey Apparel and Equipment Vendor)
  • One random drawing to win a $50 Gift Card to Lettermen’s (Hastings Hockey Apparel and Equipment Vendor).  To be eligible for this drawing you will have to have sold 5 pizzas or more (one entry per person)

After you have completed your online order, you will have 2 payment options:

  1. Venmo (HHB preferred method):  After you fill in your order there will be a total that appears at the bottom of the form.  This will be the amount you will send via Venmo. The Venmo payment is to be made to @HHB-Hockey-20
    • If paying by Venmo please send your team's manager an email stating "I have paid my Heggies Pizza Fundraiser with Venmo, my skater's name is ___________"
  2. Paying by Check: If paying by check please write out one check per your order (or one check per skater and their respective order) based on the total amount for each order. Your one check (per skater) can be made out to "HHB".  Please give that check to your team manager.


  1. The people ordering pizzas from you can pay you personally as you see fit. Please do not turn in cash with your order as our treasurer will only be accepting Venmo (preferred) or check.
  2. If paying by check please only submit one check to your team manager for your total order.
  3. Please submit either your Venmo payment or Check payment by November 28th (order deadline).

Picking up pizzas
Pick up dates will be alphabetical this year by last name and will be on 12/13 and 12/14. Times and location will be sent out closer to those dates. Once you pick up your order, then you will be responsible for distributing them to the people who ordered from you.

Please direct all questions to Jon Krauth at  or 651-226-0321.