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Need custom Hastings Hockey breezer covers? Custom Hastings Hockey gloves? Gold helmet? Blue helmet? Come to the equipment fitting Tuesday, May 23

By T. Horton, 05/21/23, 9:15PM CDT


Does your skater need to be fitted for one, or more, of the following?

  • Custom Hastings Hockey royal blue breezer covers
  • Custom Hastings Hockey gloves
  • Blue helmets
  • Gold helmets

Bring your skater to the Green Mill in Hastings next Tuesday, May 23, from 6:00-9:00 pm. A rep from Strauss will be on hand, with samples, to help you get fitted with the correct sizes.

(If you are fitting breezer covers, please be sure to bring the breezers you plan to wear with the covers.)

Soon after the fitting we will be opening an apparel ordering window for you to purchase these items. The window will be open for only a week or two.

Given the recent supply chain issues, we need to order now to receive this equipment in mid-September to early-October.

Remember, Hastings Hockey Association policy states that royal blue breezers, gloves and helmets are recommended for boys at all travel levels.

For girls, royal blue breezers, gloves and gold helmets are recommended for girls at all travel levels.

Everyone is welcome to the fitting, regardless of in-house, travel, parents, coaches. We hope to see you all there.

If you are unable to make the fitting, you can always get fitted at the Strauss Skates and Bicycles store at 1751 Cope Ave E, Maplewood, MN 55109. Be sure to get fitted soon so you can get your order in before the window closes.

Questions? Please contact our Apparel Coordinator Winks Winkelman at


Image 1. Custom Hastings Hockey breezer covers

Image 2: Custom Hastings Hockey gloves