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Caring for our Hastings Civic Arena

By webmaster, 12/23/21, 4:45PM CST


Good Afternoon Hastings Hockey,

As we (HHB, Hastings City Council, Hastings Arena Management, and all of our Hastings Hockey Family) continue to look at ways of improving the amenities, ambiance, and overall experience of our Hastings Civic Arena I wanted to send out a reminder to all of our members, skaters, families and friends to please care for our home arena.

Here are some ways on how we can all help out:

  • Pick up trash and throw it away if you see it on the ground.
  • In the restrooms be sure to throw your paper towels away in the garbage.
  • When watching games/practices please be sure to take everything with you once you leave your seat.
  • If an outside door is left open please be sure to close it.

Ask your skater/s to please remember the following:

  • Pick up after yourself before leaving the locker room
  • No writing on walls, dry erase boards, or floors
  • No playing by the equipment/bench areas. Please leave the equipment, bumpers, small nets and pucks where they are so that the next team needing them can locate them easily.

Hastings is our Home arena, please treat it as if it is your own home.

The Hastings Civic Arena staff work hard to keep our home arena the best it can be. With all of our help and care our Home Arena will continue to last for generations.

In addition, members of our Hastings Hockey Boosters, management of the arena, Hastings Park and Rec, Hastings City Council and Hastings High School Hockey Boosters are currently working hard on projects, ideas and improvements for our arena. With Hastings Hockey being the most frequent users of the arena we want to assure we keep a clean canvas for them to work towards those improvements.

Thank you for all you do for our Hastings Hockey Association!


Curtis Gerrits
President - Hastings Hockey