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Thank you for the job well done for our Heggies Pizza fundraiser!

By webmaster, 12/20/21, 8:15PM CST


Hello Hastings Hockey!!

Let me start by saying "Tremendous work Hastings Hockey" with the job well done for our annual Heggies Pizza Fundraiser! Our fundraiser this year is a true testament and example of one of our core values, Teamwork. Needless to say the success of the fundraiser was the combination of efforts from many individuals from our Hastings Hockey family.

Thank you to all of the families and friends of Hastings Hockey who purchased pizzas this year!! As a group we sold over 8,000 pizzas!!!

Thank you to Heggies Pizza for working with our Association on this fundraiser!

Thank you to Hastings Park and Rec for allowing Hastings Hockey to utilize your facility to set up our pizza handout!

Thank you to Cub Foods for donating plastic bags to help compile the pizza orders!

Thank you to all of the Hastings Hockey skaters for doing such an amazing job with selling the pizzas!

Thank you to those of you who waited in line patiently to pick up your pizzas last week! Our team really appreciates it!!

Thank you to the volunteers who worked very hard to unload the pizzas, take inventory, box up each individual order and get them handed out during our pick-up nights! Job well done!

Thank you to our board members who helped create spreadsheets, review orders, communicate with Heggies, send out info to our Hastings Hockey members and everything else you do for our association!

And, last but certainly not least, thank you to Jon Krauth (HHB's Director of Revenue) for coordinating the entire Heggies Pizza Fundraiser!

With the fundraising efforts of our association we are able to continue to provide equipment and free hockey to our Learn Hockey Program, update equipment needs, purchase new jerseys for our travel teams this season, along with future Hastings Hockey improvements. Again, thank you for everything you do for Hastings Hockey and especially your skater/s!!


Curtis Gerrits
President - Hastings Hockey