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10K Puck

Mites/U8 and Squirts/U10

Peewees/U12 and Bantam/U15

10,000 Puck Challenge

How do we track our shots?

  • – free website.
  • Create an account:
  • Register your player:
  • Register your player with the correct team(level) and the proper shot goal. 
    • We made an association account, which will provide goals for each level of play.
      • U8/Mite Level – 2,500 shots
      • U10/Squirt Level – 5,000 shots
      • U12/Peewee Level – 7,500 shots
      • U15/Bantam Level – 10,000 shots
    • There will be 4 different shot categories
      • Wrist Shots
      • Snap Shots
      • Backhand Shots
      • Slap Shots – Peewee and Above

How about stickhandling?

  • Each level will have shot counts for 15 minutes of stickhandling time
    • U8/Mite II Level – 20 shots for 15 minutes of stickhandling
    • U10/Squirt Level – 30 shots for 15 minutes of stickhandling
    • U12/Peewee Level – 40 shots for 15 minutes of stickhandling
    • U15/Bantam Level – 50 shots for 15 minutes of stickhandling
  • I will be posting different stickhandling drills throughout the summer on the Hastings Hockey Website. 


Who is eligible for the contest?

  • All players that were registered with Hastings Hockey during the previous hockey season qualify.  You will register for the level of play for your 2021 - 2022 season. 
    • Example: If you are a Mite II player in the association last year and are going to be a squirt player in the 2021-2022 season, you would register for U10/Squirt level.
  • If you are a U15/Bantam Level player within the association that is going to High School for the 2021-2022 season, you are qualified to participate in the contest as a U15/Bantam.

What about goalies?

  • We didn’t forget about goalies.  Goalies are allowed to participate in the challenge as well.  We would like to have goalies participating in a save count.
  • Register your player using the link above and
    • U8/Mite Level – 1,250 Saves
    • U10/Squirt Level – 2,500 Saves
    • U12/Peewee Level – 3,750 Saves
    • U15/Bantam Level – 5,000 Saves
  • How do we document/track these?
    • Wrist Shots – Glove Saves
    • Snap Shots – Blocker Saves
    • Slap Shots – Stick Saves
    • Backhand Shots – Leg Pad Saves

What do you receive if you complete the challenge?

  • Each player that completes the goal at their level will receive a Hastings Hockey specialized Green Biscuit. 
  • Players that completed the challenge from each level will then be entered to win free admission to a Boys or Girls Varsity Hockey game. 

  Are there any other rules?

  • Be Honest
  • Don’t focus on simply shooting pucks and stickhandling all summer
    • Be a kid
    • Do other sports or activities
    • There is a weekly maximum shot count for each level for the challenge
      • U8/Mite – No more than 250 shots per week
      • U10/Squirt – No more than 500 shots per week
      • U12/Peewee – No more than 750 shots per week
      • U15/Bantam – No more than 1000 shots per week

Please feel free to contact your level director or myself if you have any questions.  We encourage everyone to participate this summer. 

Jamie Stevens

Director of Hockey

Hastings Hockey Association