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Director of Peewees

Joe Kuhn


AA and B1 teams

The following players have been selected for the AA peewee team for this season:


Kyle B

Joe B

John B

Jordan C

Ethan H

Jake H

Dominic H

Jager K

Adam N

Jonathon P

Luke S

Jax S

Nate S

Colin S

Alex T

Goalies-Devin A, Tyler M

The following  players have been selected for the B1 team for this season;

Ben B

John C

Taren C

Colby D

Colin D

Ayden L

River M

Jack N

Garrett P

Corbin R

Connor S

Jackson Sw

Ben T

Ben Z

Matt Z

Goalies; Simon H, Croix K

Your head coaches will be in contact with you as to your next scheduled activity.

The following players have been selected for the B2 peewee team:

Nate D

Logan D

Brady E

Tyler F

Neil F

Steven K

Mason M

William M

Devin P

Austin P

Joe S.

Jackson Sch

Carson T

Drew V

Owen W

Goalie-Caden E.

The following players have been selected for the C peewee team:

Tyler B

Ben C.

Cole C.

Kaden H

Nic H

Carter H.

Clay K

Taber K.

Mason L.

Riley L.

Nicolas M

Luke N.

Hunter N

Valin P

Ryan S

Karl W

Goalie-Max L.

 Any questions, please contact me at

Thank You for your patience today and a very good tryout process. Good luck this season.


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